Linguistic atlas of Brittany’s marine fauna

Project participants

Description of species : Michel Le Duff, Jacques Grall (Invertebrates, fish), LEMAR UMR6539 CNRS, IUEM-UBO, Bernard Cadiou, Matthieu Fortin (Birds), Bretagne-Vivante SEPNB, Céline Liret (Marine mammals), Océanopolis
English translation : Anne Lindsey, Loon traduction (
Breton translation : Jean Le Dû, CRBC
Drawings : Michel Salaün (invertebrates), Océanopolis, Christian Déniel (fish), IUEM-UBO, Sylvain Leparoux (birds), Philippe Pondaven (birds), LEMAR UMR6539 CNRS, IUEM-UBO
Data entry : Cécile Picart, Klervi Messager, Marie-Françoise Keramprant, Gwenaëlle Wallian, Erwan Sparfel, Kristof Le Men, Antoine Guenec, Jean Le Pennec (Letters Dpt. students, UBO), Monique Floch (LEMAR), Véronique Cuq-Madec (Géomer)
Database : Iwan Le Berre, Jean Le Dû, Guillaume Salou
Design and mapping : Gilles Couix, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Victor-Segalen
Software : François Legras (ENSTB), Guillaume Salou
CD-rom production : Guillaume Salou, Master student in Computer Science, UBO
General coordination : Iwan Le Berre, Géomer LETG UMR6554 CNRS, IUEM-UBO

This project was carried out with the support of Brittany’s Regional Council (within the framework of a regional-scale research project - PRIR) and the UBO

Adapted from the original works of Alan-Gwenog Berr, 1973

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