Linguistic atlas of Brittany’s marine fauna

Acknowledgement :

Several collections on the seaside were required to complete the illustrations. However, the collaboration of photographers was necessary for some fifteen species almost inaccessible. I am very grateful to Olivier Dugornay, Yves Gladu, Thierry Joyeux, Maurice Loir, Sandrine Nicolas, and Wim Van Egmond.
All this work would have also been impossible without the involvement of several natural scientists-collectors who provided guidance as well as a number of samples: many thanks to Michel Le Duff, Pierre Gélébart, Pierre Noël of the Natural History Museum in Paris, and to the aquariology department of Océanopolis. My deep gratitude also goes to Jacques Grall (IUEM), Iwan Le Berre (.....) and the CRBC who trusted me to see this work through. I am also highly grateful to the people who encouraged me.

Michel Salaün

Our acknowledgement is also expressed to :
The Le Berre family: Hervé and Michou, for their ever unfailing support and the research carried out in the archives left by Llal to find drawings, maps, photographs, information about the author…; Youen, for the photographs illustrating the biography and scientific presentation; Cécile and Fragan for their patience regarding many delays often resulting from the completion of countless small tasks connected to this project.
Michel Glémarec, for accepting to write Alan-Gwenog Berr’s biography, a demanding and exemplary task for the retrieval of such an atypical life was not an easy undertaking and required much investigation and long discussions...
To all the co-authors, for the considerable commitment they granted in order to see this work through and for the friendly relationships we managed to preserve despite phases of constant harassment on my part !

Iwan Le Berre

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